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Many working people are dealing with similar workplace issues relating to lack of upward mobility, no voice at work, nepotism, and many other employee related problems. Is your work Not MyAmigo? We started Not My Amigo as a sounding board for everyone who could benefit through a free forum where we can all work together and help each other work through and discuss issues. Please be kind, helpful, and respectful of others.

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      Apologies my amigos,

      We’ve received communication about negative comments on the site. The moderator has reviewed the site and determined that certain comments may not follow our hate speech policy on age, gender or sexual orientation.

      We will be closing the current forum until all comments are reviewed for quality and removed or redacted as needed.

      This site is protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Please review our forum policy if you have any questions.

      Muchas gracias
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